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Bastrop, once known as Mina, was one of the first towns established in Texas. Established in 1832 it now stands as one of the oldest towns in Texas. With it's Lobolly Pines it was the perfect place to settle and even sell to surrounding communities. The Loblolly pines at Bastrop actually fueled the construction of Austin and San Antonio Texas. Over a century later Texas acquired this land from 1933 to 1935 from private owners and in 1937 officially opened Bastrop State Park. They even constructed buildings to mirror the ones that would have existed in Mina, over a century ago. They were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Texas State Parks Board. Today, after acquiring even more surrounding land, the park now covers 6,600 acres. The Park was officially given it's National Historic Landmark Status in 1997 in part for it's "Lost Pines" as well as the buildings finely crafted by the CCC.

Guests of the park today can enjoy not only the "Lost Pines" and historic buildings, but many other activities. The park contains gorgeous scenery perfect for camping, picnicking, biking, hiking, fishing, geocaching, and several nature programs. For those camping guests can choose to stay overnight at their campsites, ranging from walk-in tent sites to full hookup RV sites. Larger groups can even stay at the park's Group Barracks. For those looking for a more unique experience guests can even at their Historic Cabins with 1 bedroom to four bedroom options. For those looking to take a swim the park has a pool that is typically open from May to September. The pool does  charge an additional admission fee to the regular park admission fee. Occasional the pool also holds activities, including swim lessons, group parties, and much more. For those wanting to stay on land the park provides seven whole miles of hiking trail. Guests can explore the new Loblolly pines that a growing since the 2011 fire and witness the beauty of the park. The park's lake, Lake Mina, is also a perfect place for fishing. The park offers fishing equipment rentals and shore fishing can be done without a fishing-license.